8 Mobile Fitness Apps That Enhance Your Health and Wellness Experience

By: Geoff Rubin, Fitness Propelled, CPT/CIFT/TRX II

Utilizing mobile apps along with your workout regime is an overall enhancing health and fitness experience that will ultimately lead you towards successfully reaching your goals. It quite simple to pull out your phone, which we all have on us and plug in some data that will help us make healthier decisions as we have that “watch dog” with us. If you’re a numbers cruncher then inputting the results from your workouts is key to tracking improvements and it is much more organized than putting down all that you did on a piece of paper and trying to remember where you put it next time you need that data.

Below are a few recommended Apps for you to check out and start using in the categories of……

  • Walking and Running
  • Home and Travel Workouts
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss
  • Client Communication

Walking and Running

  • WalkJogRun: Touted as the “most accurate” IPhone GPS tracker, clients can follow recommended routes in their area or create their own. The app includes walks, training plans, goal setting and pace management.
  • Charity Miles: This App is a great tool for giving back and all you have to do is accrue miles. The App donates 25 cents per walking/running mile or 10 cents per cycling mile to a charity that you choose that is listed on the App. Charities include Feeding America, ASPCA, and Stand up to Cancer to name a few.

Home and Travel Workouts

  • FitnessGLO: Offers guided, on-demand video workouts that clients can follow, preferably from and ipad or tablet. Videos come in a variety of formats using a multitude of different equipment options, length, etc. Accessing the videos are free but a subscription will allow you to access and store the workouts.
  • PopSugar Active: Includes video workouts, articles, and set scheduled workouts in a user friendly manner.

Nutrition and Weight Loss:

  • Fooducate: Grading food products based on nutrition facts and ingredients this app will provide non-bias based information about the food you are consuming. The app also, scans barcodes to display nutritional details and suggest health alternatives. Users can also receive nutritional tips, search the apps database and track food intake, exercise, and weight loss progress.
  • PACT: Who, doesn’t like to earn money, will if you do like to earn a little extra cash, then PACT might be an option for you. Users commit to weekly goals for exercise, nutrition and fruit and vegetable intake; then they have to prove they are doing it by sending snapshots of what they are consuming. Clients can earn a small monetary value of 30 cents up to $5 dollars a week. However, there is a flip side that if you don’t hold your end of the bargain, you pay PACT anywhere from $5 to $10 per missed activity.

Client Communication:

  • WhatsApp Messenger: This app allows users to send text-style messages without having to pay for SMS texting charges and will work on most smartphones with Wi-Fi.
  • Viber: Send out text, photo, video messages, or call your clients anywhere in the world for free as long as they have it as well.

It is with pleasure to be able to provide readers with useable tools for you to add to your health and fitness toolbox. Utilize these tools as valuable additions to your workout regime on your own or with the assistance of a trainer, however, please do not replace one or the other.

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– Fitness Technology – Fred Hoffman & Amanda Vogel (Idea Fitness Journal 10/2014)

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