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What makes a “Most Excellent” personal training client?

Yes, you read it right.  What exactly does make the “most excellent” personal training client?  Well, this is a tough question, much like the thought process that clients must ask themselves constantly when asking the same question of hiring a personal trainer?  Trainer’s most often don’t always have the same luxury of sifting through clientele until we find that ideal match as we would be out of business quite quickly.  But, speaking from personal experience when symmetry exists between clientele and trainer, RESULTS and sometimes even more precious life bonds are established.  The best way to provide such details is to examine our own experiences with clientele, so let me share a quick story with you where personal training became more than just a career path. 

In March 2013, I met a client of mine Ruth Z.  She came to me with clear directions from her doctor that her lifestyle needed a dramatic change.  Ruth was 250lb’s, had just started a diet plan and was a woman’s size 28′.   On our first session we walked to her community gym and before we could get through our first sequence of exercises she was on bench, feelings as if she couldn’t go on.  I firmly believe at that moment, this is when “life’s gifts are presented”.  Ruth, showed me she was vulnerable and that she had the determination to make positive lifestyle changes.  Through months of committed exercising with Fitness Propelled trainer, Geoff R., demonstrating a no nonsense approach to training, allowing herself to eat and enjoy healthy eating habits, transforming her daily lifestyle to incorporate more movement, and setting mircocycle and mesocycle goals; Ruth’s results now speak for themselves. 


Not much more needs to be said.  These are the core aspects that I think many trainers are constantly seeking.  I for one am happy that I was in a position to experience them.

What traits do you look for in your clientele? 

The New Science of Counting Calories

“Recent research shows why nuts, fresh fruits and uncooked foods can be attractive choices for weight-conscious clients.” According to Kadey, Matthew, MS, RD in an article produced by Idea Fitness Journal.  

If you didn’t know, and I know I didn’t, the current method to determine the energy value of food is called the “Atwater” system which assigns a set number of calories to a food’s macro-nutrient components, being: carbohydrates, fat and protein.  “Atwater” determines that carbohydrates and proteins possess 4 kilocalories per gram, while fat has a lofty 9kcal/g. 

Lately, however the century old “Atwater” system has come over scrutiny and is not showing us the complete calorie value of some foods especially when consumed in their raw state.  

For example, when eating an ounce of nuts we generally consume an average of about 170-195 kcal.  But, this is where the Atwater has received some criticism.  According to the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” scientists determined that 1 ounce of almonds deliver about 129 kcal 30% fewer than the roughly 167 kcal determined by the “Atwater” system. 

Another important note to take from this article is the importance of moving away from the stove and cooked meals and begin to harness that power of “raw foods”.  Take this food for thought.  In his book (Catching Fire: How Cooking Made us Human – Wrangham),  while the benefits of cooking helped ancestral humans meet their energy needs in an environment of scarcity, most of us today spend our days in front of a computer snacking on heavily processed cooked food instead of foraging or hunting for dinner.  Could this be a contributing factor to excess caloric consumption and weight gain?  Well, provide your thoughts and leave me with some feedback.

Point in all of this is to be ware of what we decide to consume and how often we decide to consume it.  Maybe instead of taking that bag of potato chips with you to work, try packing a pre-packaged bag of almonds an apple and some peeled carrots.   





Article: What Obese People Wish Fitness Professionals Knew (Idea Fitness Journal – ACE)

In the article “What Obese People Wish Fitness Professionals Knew” by Joy Keller, published in Idea Fitness Journal – ACE, she leaves us “Fitness professionals” with some important comments to become aware of from clientele she serves.  It is important to understand these comments when working and developing fitness programs for obese clientele.  Be sure to read these comments below as they will help you develop long lasting, emotionally lifted, and beneficial fitness programs for your clientele.

Interpret these comments with empathy, not sympathy as they provide you with perspective.

  • “I am not lazy”
  • “I don’t necessarily want or need to lose as much weight as you think I do. My biomarkers are good.”
  • “I don’t have access to the same moisture-wicking clothes thin people do, and that can make working out more difficult for me, owing to chafing and lack of comfort.”
  • “Don’t presume I don’t know how to eat correctly.”
  • “My body is hard to carry around.”
  • “Please give me time to do what you ask.”
  • “It’s very hard to be in social situations when you’re used to being made fun of on a regular basis.”
  • “Please don’t talk negatively about your own body.  It makes me feel worse.”