The Ultimate 10 Best Exercises for Women

In a podcast produced by the American Council on Sports Medicine’s Radio MD network, Dr. Len Kravitz, PHD, exercise physiologist for the University of New Mexico, discusses the 10 key focus areas and exercises that women emphasize on while training. Below is a summary of the focus area’s with a little Fitness Propelled (FP) twist on each exercises.

#1 – Firm glutes & thighs
FP recommended exercise: Squats with varied stances
#2 – Toned shoulders
FP recommended exercise: Military presses into a shoulder abduction
#3 – Shapely back
FP recommended exercise: Core ball glute bridges
#4 – Focus on target areas (Triceps)
FP recommended exercise: Bent over dumbbell extensions
#5 – Rockin Abs
FP recommended exercise: Plank sliders – into alternating leg lifts
#6 – Solidified chest
FP recommended exercise: Push ups w/ slide disks
#7 – Defined thighs
FP recommended exercise: Step back lunges
#8 – Sleek lower back
FP recommended exercise: Prone superman’s into swimmer pulls
#9 – Toned biceps
FP recommended exercise: Plank up’s
#10 – Defined thighs
FP recommended exercise: Loaded lateral squat sliders

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